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Request: PLEASE ^_^ - Scissor Sisters Icons

natmun posting in Scissor Sisters Icons
User: scissors_icons (posted by natmun)
Date: 2007-09-30 00:50
Subject: Request: PLEASE ^_^
Security: Public
Music:ScissorSisters- Laura
Hey! awesome! cool I heart SS

I was wondering though, as my computer is the crappiest thing thrown together out of spare parts...could anyone get me some nice caps of Jack from the Laura video? You would be a live saver and I would be deeply indebted to you. ^_^

What im looking for its, I dont need all of the below but atlest one:
Jack in the awesome hat and suit
Jack siting on the bed
Shirtless Jack (omg.)

And I definitely need awesome skull face Voodoo Jack.

drop me a line on my lj or aim NatykinzLa if you can help me out.


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